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Domain Names
Domain Name Tutorial
A domain name is used to identify the location of a website on the Internet. Here is the example of domain names you might be already familiar with:  

Most computers connected to the Internet are identified by a unique number called an IP address (
E.g, IP address of Each domain name replaces an IP address with a simple word or expression.

This site's domain name is You can check this easily by looking at in the URL or location bar of your browser. 

.com is the top level domain (tld) under which our domain name is registered. There are many other different top domains out there, from commercial (.com) through to non-profit (.org) and even country specific top domains such as USA (.us) and India (.in). Every domain name is registered under a tld or  domain extension (another name)

Domain names are regarded as a identity of the company in the twenty-first century. It is a way of internet branding. Every company which is concerned about the future should get a domain name and promote it as a brand to their customers.

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